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- Hi! I'm Patrick Reid a.k.a. Reliq['relɪk], creator of IAmReliq. I am a dynamic designer & developer who focuses on web/UX design and application development. I enjoy what I do and I'm always open to new ideas. Feel free to look around or get in touch if you have any proposals or questions!

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The Offer

Web Development

  • Standards Compliant
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Immaculate Quality

UI/UX Design

  • Modern
  • Responsive
  • User-Driven

App Development

  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Target Inspired

Top Skills

  • PHP - 99%
  • SASS & Compass - 99%
  • HTML5 / CSS3 - 98%
  • Javascript / JQuery - 96%
  • Laravel - 96%
  • REACT / Redux - 92%
  • Drupal 7/8 - 91%
  • Typescript - 90%
  • Linux Server Management - 90%
  • Adobe Illustrator - 89%
  • Adobe Photoshop - 88%
  • WordPress - 87%
  • Magento - 83%
  • CakePHP - 75%
  • Java - 72%
  • Android App Development - 70%


An undying passion for the world of Web Development and programming, since 2009, has led to 11+ years of technical experience. Throughout these fine years I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most influencial, and gifted, individuals and organizations all over the world.


With clients worldwide, I am committed to providing great service at an exceptional level of quality. This is achieved through a delicate combination of: attention to detail, interaction, experimentation, collaboration, exploration and innovation.


Community Contribution

With great power comes great responsibility. I am a strong supporter and active contributor in the world of open source. Knowledge should be shared and not abused. Software developed by thousands of programmers is better than the one created by a closed group. See my involvement on Github.


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"Sometimes we want to believe something so badly, we ignore the reality in front of us."

@IAmReliq 2 days ago

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